Hornswoggle Group Campground Site # 1 Dogwood

Dogwood’s main camp area is relatively small but there is still room for 5 to 6 tents. It is a good site for RV’s, campers and trailers because there are 7 turnouts along the road in the site to pull out into. There is a mixture of sun and filtered light. The tent areas in this site are small and not together. Site includes 5 picnic tables, 2 BBQ’s (1 at table height, I just above ground level). Shares flush toilet facilities with Manzanita #3 (about 100 yds. from the Dogwood main camp area). Women’s restroom has 2 sinks, 2 toilets. Men’s restroom has 2 sinks, 1 toilet and 1 urinal.

Site Type: Group
Maximum Occupants: 25
Camping Rates